Margie Schnibbe
Playground for Wild Birds/Recent Sculpture
28 November -19 December 2021
On view Sundays noon-dusk and by appointment
Opening reception Sunday 28 November 2-5pm
Lot 2001 Los Angeles (address provided upon request)

Every day I feed hundreds of wild birds in the back lot of my art studio. These wild birds are the inspiration for my recent series of outdoor sculptures built with found objects and readily accessible materials. While living and working in isolation during the Covid lockdown, my interaction with wild birds helped me maintain a sense of peace and well-being. I have a long history of living with birds in my head and I continue to explore the possibilities.

Bird Poem for the World 2021
i feed
wild birds
all day
every day
scrub jays
watching wild birds
makes me happy
a friend says
feeding wild birds
attracts good fortune
i say
bring it on

Charlottenburg 1991
My lover and I were sitting in a café late one night smoking cigarettes
We laughed when a prostitute threw a john over a small hedge
I was in Berlin trying to figure out my future my art my life
My lover taught me the German phrase “einen Vögel haben”
They said that women living with birds in their head are crazy
At that precise moment I knew that I would finance my art with sex work
I returned home to NYC with new paintings and birdseed in my suitcase